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romany a’ clef?

sophia kapusnik lewis
Yep that’s me

Why Romany A’ Clef and What Does It Mean? As I was tossing out names such as Gypsy Travel Tales, and I now forget the others, my former partner, John ODonoghue  came up with Romany a’ Clef, a spin off on Roman a’ Clef.

Roman a’ Clef defined by Wikipedia as, “French for novel with a key, is a novel about real life, overlaid with a façade of fiction.”  There won’t be a whole lot of fiction here but we aren’t beyond fictionalizing someone’s name.

Romany, again, straight from Wikipedia, “The Romani people or Romany people, also known as Gypsies.”

Gypsies, originated from India and I am drawn to their culture, people and colorful ways, I think of them as the consummate travelers.