a personal growth year

Today, mark it, begins a year devoted to personal growth.  I have floated, drifted and wandered for a very long time, without focus, learning much but growing little.  I have the gift of living in a beautiful home, a sanctuary for myself and my dogs, peace and quiet, surrounded by cashews and coconuts.  Blessed with all of the benefits that Auroville has to offer without being Aurovillian. Heading into my third, and most likely final, year in India without even the knowledge of how to make a decent curry.

My life this year seems as rich as the earth in which I plant each morning at the farm.  Bursting full, a spurt of growth, so much growth this past year, born of pain. Now, this exciting time of connection and community.  The decision to move to a more spacious home, to give up a place that my ownership of caused so much hatred in my ex partner.  To live where it is greener, the air is fresher, my dogs have room to roam and are safe.  The belief in and support of my NGO by donation and volunteers.  Healing from the near continuous emotional assault from the past two years, daily opportunities that allow for change, the newfound freedom of choice without fear is delicious. That’s it, my promise to me, now I guzzle my coffee and head out to Buddha Farm, early morning, to play in the earth, listen to the silence, and make new connections over morning chai.

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